BNE Will Celebrate Kabi Jayanti কবি জয়ন্তী On 13th May, 2017

Event will promptly start at 4pm


Eastabrook Elementary School

117 Grove Street,
Lexington, MA

Kabi Jayanti is an event filled with music, dance and sumptuous food, celebrating poets of Bengal.

Maitreyee Chakraborty is our guest artist for Kabi Jayanti. She is a promising singer in the tradition of Rabindra sangeet. She has performed in various venues of USA, including the North American Bengali Conference, FOBANA (Bangladesh cultural conference), American educational institutions and various Bengali organizations in the entire US. To Maitreyee, Tagore’s music is a way of life, her very own. As she tried to fit into a foreign society far away from her beloved Kolkata, Rabindrasangeet gave her solace and a philosophical and ideological direction.

Here are a couple of Maitreyee's wonderful renditions:

Sagnik Sen (সাগ্নিক সেন ) is our invited artist for Kabi jayanti . He is popular for singing Rabindrasangeet (songs written and composed by Rabindranath Tagore) and, hindi and bengali songs of the legendary singer and composer Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay.

Sagnik has done playback for leading Bengali actors in various TV channels and worked with reputed music directors of West Bengal. He has playbacked 9 songs for popular film actor Prosenjit Chatterjee in the 'Mahanayak' series in Star Jalsha channel. Currently he is working on 2 Films yet to release.

He was very close to Rabindrasangeet exponent Suchitra Mitra who herself liked Sagnik's voice and singing style. Apart from being a singer, Sagnik is also a poet and a painter.

Sagnik is a self taught musician and here are a few of Sagnik's wonderful renditions:

Please write to by March 1st if you are interested to participate. Group participation of 5 or more will be given a preference.

Suggested Donation

Pricing Scheme
Family $45 2 Adults with or without children
Single $25
Visiting Parents $10 For each parent
BNE Hold the status of a non-profit organization under Section 501(3)( C). Tax ID 263941179
All donation amounts are tax deductible up-to the limit permissible by law
A portion of your donation goes to charitable organization as per 501(3)( C) rules
You may also donate in advance using Paypal. Food will be guaranteed if donation is paid online.

Event Schedule

Here is a tentative schedule of our events. The timings are subject to change depending upon weather forecast and travel conditions.

Description Participants
04:00-04:40 Snacks & adda
04:45-05:00 Inaugural address Sitangshu Mitra
05:00-05:05 Recitation Satyapriya Sarkar

পঞ্চ প্রদীপের আলোয়

পরিচালনা : সুজাতা ভট্টাচার্য

ব্যবস্থাপনায় : ঝর্না ব্যানার্জী

অংশগ্রহনে :
অভিজিত ব্রহ্মচারী
অমিতাভ লালা
দেবস্মিতা চৌধুরী
মৌলি লালা
দেবারতি গাঙ্গুলি মুখার্জি
সুজাতা ভট্টাচার্য
মনীষা সিনহা
দীপন ঘোষ
স্বাতী চক্রবর্তী
ডোনা মিত্র
আরুশী বন্দ্যোপাধায়
রাকা দত্ত
শুভদীপ বন্দ্যোপাধায়
লোপা চক্রবর্তী
রজতসুভ্র সেন
শিভ রামকৃষনান ও
শুভঙ্কর চৌধুরী



Program Directors - Mouli Lala & Madhuparna Sen
Shourik Choudhury,
Ankita Goswami,
Shreya Majumdar,
Shreya Sarkar,

Jhinuk Bhattacharya,
Riya Biswas,
Arundhati Chakrabarti,
Anisha Dutta,

Rishav Chatterjee
Bibhu Chaudhuri,
Dona Chaudhuri,
Bojro Das,
Rajdeep Majumdar,

Dona Chaudhuri,
Aditya Biswas,

Koustav Dutta,
Medha Pal,

Shohini Lala,
Debayan Sen
06:30-06:40 Break
06:40-06:55 Ta Ta Thoi Thoi - an ensemble of dance celebrating rhythm in music, nature and life. Parna Baral
06:55-07:00 Break

Songs by Smita Guhu

07:45-09:00 Dinner
ECTA - the well respected and renowned Theater group pf New Jersey presents their play "Ekti Gnaye Thaki " ( We live in a village ) written and directed by Dr. Sudipta Bhawmik.This play has been staged all over USA multiple times over last 5 years - specially in Theater festivals like "California Natyamela " and in Bango Sammelan.
What makes a family? Who are our family members? Who is our brother and who is our sister? What expectations do we have for our family? What are our demands? Do we all live in a village of strangers?
“Ekti Gnaye Thaki” is the story of Ranjana and her brother, Rajat, reuniting after fourteen years. Rajat immigrates to the US with his family after Ranjana sponsors their green cards. The reunion is marked by its usual excitement followed by nostalgia for their hometown they both left behind. Rajat becomes a critical link for Ranjana to relive her past, while Ranjana helps him come to terms with his decision to abandon his familiar world back in India . Ranjana is also ill and Rajat’s presence offers a long awaited emollient. As the brother and the sister often slip into the past, the rest of the characters are excited at the prospects of their future in the US, especially Rajat’s son, Rajib. Life gradually settles down and a quotidian harmony evolves. Yet from the beginning, the play occasionally and quite subliminally alludes to an underlying subplot that threatens the apparent calm between the two families. Eventually, through a set of related incidents, the undisclosed piece – a rather disconcerting one – is revealed. The disclosure tears apart the inherent peace and more importantly sets in motion a drift into the past that interrogates their relationships that were deemed normal.


Sankar Ghoshal ,

Abhijit Neogy ,

Lili Majumdar,

Subhodev Das,

Aparajita Das,

Shan Mukhopadhyay ,

Koushik Bhowal



Begun Sorshe
Ichorer Dalna (Vegetarian)
Dimer Kosha
Kosha Pathar Mangsho
Rosogullar Payesh


Fried Rice
Chilly chicken (Less spicy)
Ice cream